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June 02, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"On Tuesday, March 9, [John] Belushi's body was buried in Abel's Hill Cemetery on Martha's Vineyard just about a mile from the old McNamara place that John and Judy had bought several years before.  [Dan] Aykroyd, dressed in a black leather jacket and black jeans, led the funeral procession to the cemetery on his motorcycle.  James Taylor sang 'That Lonesome Road' at the gravesite as snow began falling.

In Los Angeles, Dr. Kornblum finished the autopsy and ruled that in his opinion, 'John Belushi, a 33-year-old white male died of acute toxicity from cocaine and heroin.'

Two days later, about 1,000 family members and friends attended a memorial service in New York at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.  Aykroyd took a small tape recorder from his blue knapsack, held it up to a microphone and, as he'd promised John six months earlier, played a tape of the Ventures' 'The 2,000-Pound Bee.'  At first everyone seemed stunned, but soon they were laughing."

[The Ventures' 'The 2,000-Pound Bee:]

~ Bob Woodward, Wired The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi

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