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June 01, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"It had been three months since I'd washed my hair, two months since my underwear got stolen off the laundry line, and six days since I last changed my outfit, so I felt sufficiently ready to attend my first Rainbow Gathering/Full Moon Party.  It was to take place on the shores of Lago Atitlan in Guatemala.  We were looking for Bob's tepee somewhere between San Pedro and Santiago.  A favorite gringo hideout, it didn't take long to secure a boat at an astronomical price.  As we approached the spot a giant tepee with leaping figures dancing around were visible in the setting sun.  Our friendly boatman's face quickly changed to disapproval...

It was nothing like I'd seen before, and I'd been in Central America a long time.  About sixty people were dancing around to the beat of twenty people drumming, singing chants they all seemed to know.  Some people were making out, others were spinning around, and the rest were running around naked.  Restless, I looked around for someone to make out with since naked running and spinning were out of the question."

~ Cara Tabachnick, Not So Funny When It Happened

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