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May 10, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"The body, like all dead bodies, gave the appearance of being particularly heavy as it lay, in the manner of the dead, with its stiffened limbs sunk among the cushions of the coffin and its head permanently bent forward on the pillow, displaying, as dead bodies always do, its yellow, waxlike forehead, the shiny spots on its sunken temples, and the protruding nose that seemed to be pressing down on the upper lip.  Ivan Ilyich had changed greatly.  He had grown much thinner since Pyotr Ivanovich had last seen him, and yet, like all dead men, his face had assumed an expression of greater beauty - or rather, of greater significance - than it had worn in life.  The expression seemed to say that what had to be done was done, and done properly.  Furthermore, the expression seemed to be a reproach, or a reminder to the living.  Pyotr Ivanocich found this reminder uncalled for; at any rate it had nothing to do with him.  He began to feel uncomfortable, and so he crossed himself hurriedly - hardly within the bounds of decency, he felt - and went out."

~ Leo Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Six Short Masterpieces by Tolstoy

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