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May 03, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

    "Until I saw this particular critter, I had always thought that all centipedes were like those small hundred-legged insects one periodically encounters in North America.  On a nuisance scale, a centipede, at least in my experience, ranked far below a mouse, perhaps just a fraction higher than a cricket.  A Vanuatu centipede, however, is a different beast altogether.  On the nuisance scale, I'd put it up there with a rattlesnake.  A Vanuatu centipede is, to begin with, a carnivore.  Yes, that's right.  Vanuatu centipedes eat meat.  Now, I'm no entomologist, but you'd think that fact alone would be enough to bump it out of the insect classification.  Second, they are venomous.  They kill their prey by injecting it with venom, and have two pincers near their head designed for this very purpose.  And then there's this:  Their legs are venomous too.  Centipedes can have upwards of three hundred legs.  Ponder that, if you will.  Now, three hundred legs, of course, need to be connected to something - something large enough to carry three hundred legs.  You might conclude, then, and rightly so, that Vanuatu centipedes are big, very big.  They can grow to be more than a foot long.  And they are nearly indestructible.  You may think that you've solved the problem by chopping a centipede in two, but in fact, what you have just done is create two angry, scurrying missiles of poison.
    And, as I was now discovering, the centipedes in Vanuatu are hideous to behold.  I had leapt on top of the table and joined Pip in contemplating the horror that was scampering across the floor.  This particular centipede was nearly a foot long.  Even a ladybug of those dimensions would have sent me scooting toward high ground.  A Vanuatu centipede, however, does not have pretty coloring.  It looks remarkably like the Darth Vader of the insect world, armored and menacing, exuding malice.  This, I agreed with Pip, was trouble."

~ J. Maarten Troost, Getting Stoned with Savages

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