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April 19, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

      "I gave a lot of orientation rides in fighters and continue to do so with the L-39 jet I am fortunate to have today as a 'boy toy.'  It is not uncommon for laypersons to have some concern about flying in a fighter.  The fact that L-39s come with ejection seats as standard equipment is a bit telling, I suppose.  But the reality is the flight will probably be as safe a harbor as any.
      My mother used to fear for my life, flying those dangerous jets.  I've always shared with her that with my luck I'd go in and resign from the Air Force and then be hit by a bus as I left the building.
      In orientation ride situations, I like to remind my passenger of the reality that we all die someday.  In fact, for this particular flight, let's just assume we are going to die in a fiery crash.  What would you like to do between now and then?  Do you want to worry about the inevitable or do you want to enjoy this for all it is worth in the remaining time?  Once again, 'Why die all tensed up?'  In most cases, this causes a chuckle and we get on with the flight."

~ Bob Vosburgh, Lift

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