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April 18, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"She wondered about the yeti.  It didn't make much sense for a mythical monster from the Himalayas to be in the Food Plus Mart freezer.  She hoped the guy the city sent would know how to handle this.  She doubted that pole with the loop of rope would be up to the task.

...He didn't look like much, and as he walked closer, he looked like even less.  He was tall and lanky, with a narrow face.  His hair and skin were blue.  The hair was a tangled mess and could've passed reasonably for seaweed.  He carried a baseball bat over his shoulder.

She didn't comment on his blueness.  Like the inexplicable appearance of th yeti, it didn't seem odd.  Like encountering an elephant at the beach or meeting an Aborigine at the mall.  She wouldn't expect it, but she wouldn't classify it as bizarre as much as unexpected.  her lack of a strong reaction struck her as stranger than anything else.  But Judy made an art out of indifference, so she just chalked it up to not caring."

~ A. Lee Martinez, Monster

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