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March 21, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"It might make a simple task easier, she had to admit, but only slightly.  The only thing magic was truly good for was great feats of worthless accomplishment.  This castle was a monument to this truth.  Every curse roaming its halls was a masterpiece of grand pointlessness.  True, Margle had possessed incredible power.  Men had trembled at his name, and many admired and envied him.  But not Nessy, because she knew the one thing all great men (and all men who aspire to greatness) never learned.

The fate of the universe didn't rest in the hands of giants.  It could be found in the littlest things.  Anything done well was a worthy accomplishment, whether it be unwrapping arcane secrets or sweeping halls, raising kingdoms from the ocean or washing dishes.  All tasks, great or small, were of equal importance in the end.  Without peasants, there could be no kings.  Without soldiers, there was no army.  Without Nessy, there was a very dusty, cluttered castle.  Though none of her masters would soil themselves to do what needed to be done, she had yet to meet a wizard who liked having dust on his shrunken cities."

~ A. Lee Martinez, Too Many Curses


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