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August 09, 2012

"You drive me crazy," Gabe said, finally awake, sliding his hand across her stomach.  "You never do what I tell you to, and you challenge everything I say, and I wish to hell you'd stop it.  You make me so mad I yell at you, and then I look at you , and I can't get enough of you, and I know I never will.  If I come down to the office and you're not there, the whole day goes to hell.  If I'm having a lousy day and you come in, the sun comes out.  I - "

"I love you."  Nell sat up next to him and clutched his arm.  "Like nothing ever before.  You let me be strong.  I don't have to pretend, I don't feel guilty with you."

"Honey, I don't let you be anything," he said, with laughter in his voice.  "You just are."

~ Jennifer Crusie, Fast Women