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June 26, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"...just as there are people who are prone to catching colds, there are those who are prone to becoming vampires and, vampire bite of not, that's how they'll turn out.  Sometimes it's just tough luck - or an unfortunate accident.  According to legends (and you can believe them, or not), someone likely to become a vampire is someone who:
- Was born with teeth.
- Is the seventh son or daughter.
- Ate the flesh of a sheep killed by a werewolf.
- Is a dead werewolf.
- Is the child of a vampire and a werewolf.
- Has red hair.
- Is a corpse that a dog, a cat, or a child jumped over.
- Is a child cursed by its own parents.
- Drowned.
- Was murdered, and the murderer remains unpunished.
- Was struck by lightening.
- Is different or unpopular.
- Is a liar.
- Is a wicked person.
Wow!  It's a wonder there's anyone left who isn't a vampire!  Wait a minute.  Maybe there isn't."

~ Dona Smith, Vampires

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