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June 04, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"Miss Barett, You said we could put in your letter box Extra Credit reports on books we read outside of school and due to Midterms and horsing around I need that E. Credit!  I demand you give it to me!  Ha-ha joke!  But every little bit counts!

Three Important Myth
by Lou Martin

1. There was once a boy and girl but their familys were always arguing so naturally these two children or people would meet each other on the sly.  One day a bleeding lion came along.  Horrorfied she ran away leaving her scarf!  The lion played with it for a while and then went away.  The boy came back and seeing the bleeding scarf taught that she was killed.  Remosely he took his knife and his life!  The girl saw her boy-friend was dead and she decided to kill her self!  The 2 familys seeing their dear children dead realised how silly they were & became friends after learning a horrorful lesson.  The same conflict appears in Shakespeer.

2. Pygmalian was a myth who was a sculpture.  He was the type of man who didn't like women particulally but this story changes this.  One day he made a statue of his wife-to-be and put in everything he wanted just so and when it was finished he wanted to marry her but since she wasn't alive he couldn't very well do so.  What to do?  Pray, of course, which he did to the G----ss of love who made her alive!  From this we get My Fair Lady and others.

3. Adonis was a handsome youth from Asia Miner and Venus was the G----ss of love.  She use to spend all her time going hunting with him and fishing and other sports.  All the manly outlets of life!  One day while Adonis went hunting a wild bore killed him and all the Gods pitied Venus so much they then allowed him to rise from the dead to dwell as her husband part time.  During the months in which he visits we call Springtime."

~Bel Kaufman, Up The Down Staircase

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