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April 23, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"Odysseus was even more deeply moved, and his tears ran as he held her in his arms, the wife of his heart, so faithful and so wise.  She felt like a shipwrecked mariner, when the stout ship has been driven before the storm and smashed by the heavy waves, but a few have escaped by swimming.  How glad they are to see land at last, to get out of the water and stand upon solid ground all caked with brine!  So glad was Penelopeia to see her husband at last; she held her white arms close round his neck, and could not let him go.  Dawn would have risen upon their tears of joy, but Athena had a thought for them.  She held the night in its course and made it long; she kept Dawn on her golden throne at the end of Ocean, so that she could not yoke up her swift pair, Flasher and Flamer, the colts who bring Dawn with her light to mortal men."

~ Homer, The Odyssey

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