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April 08, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"Well, boys and girls assuming you've been paying attention, you now know everything you'll ever need or want to know about the world's most popular adult beverage.  True, we didn't examine from a scientific standpoint the precise physical effects the consumption of beer has on the brain, the belly, and the liver.  Should you crave such information you can always consult your pediatrician - although don't be surprised if he gives you a funny look.  He's likely to look at you strangely even if he's Irish.

There is one other thing.  Should you have nothing better to do than to delve further into the origins of beer, you'll come across some historians who contend that beer was invented in Sumer, the present-day country of Iraq, centuries before it was first brewed in Egypt. The Beer Fairy concedes that the Sumerians did, indeed, ferment a kind of grain drink, but that it would be stretching the point to actually call the slop beer.  The Beer Fairy ought to know."

~ Tom Robbins, B Is for Beer, A Children's Book for Grown-ups, A Grown-up Book for Children

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