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February 26, 2011

Literary Quote of the Day

"Miss Lick watches me surface and blow.  She grins as I scrabble for the guttered side of the pool.  'It's amazing that you and I are so much alike, isn't it?'  I kick off on my back, paddling away from her, grinning.

"She's right.  We each appear totally alone in our lives.  I'm the shy, isolated dwarf creeping in and out of my shabby room, living only through my throat and my inherited work.  She is the muscular monolith, cut off by brass, stalking around in her old man's ambition, too imposing in finance and physique for the regular commerce of talk and touch.  We choose to seem barren, loveless orphans.  We each have a secret family.  Miss Lick has her darlings and I have mine.  All we've really lacked is someone to tell.  Now she tells me, and I tell all to these bland, indifferent sheets of paper.  The only point where our narrow tracks converge is her bid to turn my darling into one of hers."

~ Katherine Dunn, Geek Love

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